Art influences society by changing opinions , translating  experiences across time.  it is a powerful medium  as it allows  people from different cultures and time to communicate through images and stories.
In what is the ultimate culmination of my passion for art and design, My artistic depictions are contemporary African  in nature; to be specific Nigerian. It is the unique diversity of the Nigerian culture which continually intrigues me even as i use my art as a medium of teaching my history. With versatility born of unlimited imagination and exposure to various cultures courtesy of being well- travelled, I deliver my work in a combination of intricate work, paintings, and designs for a wide range of products. As a self taught artist, a feat I achieved by reading and experimentation and Gods gifted talent, I have  perfected my own style within my work of being able to take an
Idea an turning it into something utterly beautiful. I combine both traditional and digital methods to my detailed approach as I express myself by telling stories visually and vividly. I let my imagination guide me as  i create to distinguish my art for the deep rooted cultural aspects that it strives to educate and as a repository of a society's collective memory where fact-based historical records are becoming scarce.